Welcome to Elite Defense

Strength in Numbers.


Elite Defense was incorporated as Elite Arms, Inc. in 2007 in order to assist small to medium size small arms accessory manufacturers with international marketing, representation, export compliance, and distribution management. With the complications and costs of operating internationally on the rise, Elite is able to offset the expenses and overhead of maintaining international sales channels by distributing those burdens across a pool of non-competing product manufacturers.

Elite maintains an international network of over ninety vetted distributors around the globe, and works extensively with MoDs and MoIs to facilitate direct sales to militaries and law enforcement organizations.


Following its initial success, Elite Arms formed Elite Research, LLC for product development R&D and Elite Services, LLC as its SDVO contracting entity, collectively branded as Elite Defense.

The members of Elite’s staff bring over 30 years of combined product and business development experience to the small arms marketplace here in the United States. This, combined with the strength of our relationships with our manufacturers, direct operator and industry feedback on products and concepts, and countless strategic alliances within the industry, allows Elite to bring the most industry know-how to the table when it comes to developing or distributing your product.
Elite works with a domestic network of over 300 distributors/wholesalers and can leverage this network to aid in both branding opportunities, as well as quickly increasing sales throughput from the assembly line and into the hands of your customer.


We work close with industry leaders in their respective area of expertise.  From Tier 1 Operators to the leading engineers in Small Arms,  Elite strives to make products better and grow our team & knowledge base whenever possible.  We also keep close strategic relationships with industrial leaders in the defense market. In doing so we continue to expand our product line and push ourselves to advance our own technology.